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Today’s environment is similarly chaotic, turbulent, and uncertain. The author appears to be well connected with many leaders. Bennis’s book is a classic for a reason.

Honestly, I picked this up in part because of recent events. Does it count as reading if I listened to it during my car rides to benniis from work?

On Becoming a Leader by Warren G. Bennis

He writes so clearly about how reflection provides self awareness and leads to understandings. But there are plenty of other sources of equally good information out there; some of it is better depending on the level of leadership you’ve attained or desire to attain.

A level view ldf what can be learned from books not much except to do stuff and how you can actually get started developing leadership skills. Leaders seem like more completed managers, they have been forged by great difficulty and become much stronger as a result.

On Becoming a Leader has served for nearly fifteen years as With a new introduction by the authorWarren Bennis’s formative years, in the s and ’40s, were characterized by severe economic hardship and a world war that showcased the extreme depths and heights to which leaders could drive their followers.

Sep 21, Sunny rated it it was amazing Shelves: Other lader of leadership except you can’t learn them are passion! I am glad to see the prevailing wisdom of Mr. The entire thing is full of obvious statements that he then feels the need to support with anecdotes from Wall Street, often stories that could be interpreted differently than how he does, and seem to have to do more with luck than intentional growth. It seems to equate correlation with causation. The faculty has certain ideas about how we should act and think.

The basics to start are to have good character. In spite of his eloquence, much of what Bennis has to say remains cryptic.

Sep 11, Tiffany rated it it was ok. Sounds more like his journal.

But, I doubt it… The poli Most of the book has good information. First, “The Good”- a few great leadership principles though nothing new communicated in a different Super disappointed by this book.

I can’t imagine I will read anything else by him again. He is, supposedly, the “leading authority on leadership,” per The Fownload, but this book doesn’t support that claim.

Pretty good book on Leadership for this time pdv history ‘s through ‘s. It seems to me that one becomihg the key things those of us so inclined can do is be better about stepping up to challenges and providing leadership.

For Bennis, leaders are not the people in the company who have undergone training, are focused completely on the company, and who work for the single goal of efficiency of resources. Dec 29, Jason rated it did not like it. The author makes distinctions between managers bedoming leaders. He Donload discusses the importance of warreen as a tool for excellent leadership throughout his book On becoming a leader: The reality is that we’re all tested.

Quotes from On Becoming A Leader. Bennis discusses the importance of reflection as a tool for excellent leadership throughout his book On becoming a leader: Super disappointed by this book.

However, at the end of the day it is a fairly cynical, though accurate, analysis of our country’s severe lack of leadership at every level of society. Most of the book has good information. His chapter about moving through chaos helped me see that barriers and obstacles are a gift and includes one of my favorite quotes: I had to read this book for a graduate class.

There was very little comparative analysis of leadership styles. That would be a book to read.

On Becoming a Leader

The book spends a good amount of time talking about recent Presidents and Presidential candidates from JFK on to Obama and looking a bit at what made them great, becominh so or poor leaders. To be fair, though, he does deal relatively even-handedly when he observes both successful and failed presidents, marking both conservatives and liberals in both categories. Books by Warren G. Honestly, though, I found the revisions to be forced and the concepts to still be somewhat dated.

This is the part where I start to fall away from Bennis. This annoyed me greatly; but it’s what one would expect from someone who has spent most of his career under the comfy umbrella of academia. He used a quote from Socrates that says “The unexamined life is not worth living” and elaborates that one cannot live successfully unless they are able to reflect on situations and understand the “big picture” of their life rownload.

I’m in charge of various projects at work so I was curious to see how I stacked up against what the writer claims are the attributes of a good leader.