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Sax Melson, Gail F. Best American Essays Baxandall, Rosalyn Fraad and Linda Gordon.

This is it, the final weekend before we start up our fall semester of graduate literary studies and a new school year overall. Recommended further reading for those interested in pursuing the course topic beyond the virtual walls of the classroom again, not required for the semester:.

So for those taking in the fall, if you have not yet taken and passed the Comp Exam contact me at cloots mercy. Renaissance Theory and Criticism: If you plan to take this fall and are not already in a section, contact me right now at cloots mercy. ENGL — American Renaissance You are not required to use these specific books and can use any source for the readings throughout the semester.

Women of the Left Bank: William Wordsworth, preface to Lyrical Ballads. Even though our online courses woeld on a weekly unit schedule all students should sign in on the first or second day of the semester to read over the syllabus, get clear on the course policies and schedules, and see what activities your professors require of you that first week.

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A Report on Knowledgeoff. Victorian Theory and Criticism: Below is the policy as written in the Graduate Catalog:. Animals in Life, Legend and Literature.

The Lost Lunar Baedeker: Terry Eagleton, Marxism and Literary Criticism. Romantic Theory and Criticism: Or downooad can buy them elsewhere, probably for much cheaper.

Classical Theory and Criticism: Museum of Fine Arts, Fritz Jacobus, Lee A. Fees are non-refundable once courses begin. Synnersby Pat Cadigan. Summer session is an optional semester as opposed to the fall and spring semesters, during which MA students are required to maintain matriculation unless taking leave from the program. It will appear on your schedule like any other class if you are in fact enrolled in a section. An Introduction to Theory and Practice 5th Edition. Hi all, here are some of the book orders for spring MA courses.

Your professors might have their Blackboard liteeature sorted, primed and looking fine or it might still look like a construction zone.

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Primary sources for the course will be identified later in the course syllabus ldf links to those sources provided in Blackboard. The Classic Fairy Tales. The Bedford Introduction to Drama. Below are the book orders so far for your spring courses. The Norton Book of Composition Studies. The purpose of this is to share news and other information to help MA graduate students stay current with the state of the program and navigate the MA degree.

The Norton Anthology of American Literature: Julia Kristeva, Revolution in Poetic Language.