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The RATP company that runs Paris metro has created a very handy interactive online metro map in English that you can use. This will take you to the right metro platform. Most of the paris underground map pdf download you will have to ride several lines to complete the trip, in which case note down which stations to hop off and on metro trains, to connect between lines.

It is on the RER B line in blue.

Paris Tourist Map in PDF

When a station is marked by a white oval shape it means that there is an underground connection with the nearby station on a different line. I need to find a connecting station marked with a blank white oval shape on the map between the two lines.

Not all PDF metro maps are suitable to be printed. Be aware that not all metro signs look the same in Paris, it depends of when the station have been built. The larger the travel downloae chosen the more expensive the pass will be. Pddf Paris by metro app has a lot more features useful to visitors like point of interests, word book and useful numbers. Ideal if you are limited in time to visit the city and still want to see it all, or want to have a general overview of what to paris underground map pdf download before actually paris underground map pdf download your visit.

Sometimes, you will have to resurface and walk several minutes to connect from one station to the next, when no underground connections exist. They both are fully translated paris underground map pdf download English, which is nice knowing that tourist information in English in Paris public transports is scarce at best.

The nice advantage over a PDF or paper map is that they will indicate your current position on the metro plan. You will notice that station names on the map are in blue on the full detail map and in black on the more basic metro plan. Click to open map.

Undergrounnd a ticket out of a vending machine is fairly simple. Slide your ticket into the front slot of the turnstile with the magnetic stripe facing down logos on top.

Down the stairs you are into the entrance area. The undetground step is the payment screen. They might be hard to notice unless you really look for it. There are lots of ways you can lower this unit cost by buying in bulk 10 tickets booklet or purchase metro passes. Station locations are indicated dodnload lines by a full color circle or a white oval shape. The second screen in the process, allows you to select the type of tickets you would like to purchase.

This is the English version. It is fairly simple to use just specify the starting and end station and choose how you want mxp get there, only by rail or you can also include buses and even walking.

You will have to choose the paris underground map pdf download zones you want it valid for. The Navigo Decouverte pass is a weekly paris underground map pdf download transport pass that will allow you to use Paris transport network with no restrictions on the number of trips per day.

Basic RER plan showing the different fare area zones from 1 to ldf. The interactive Paris metro map is a very comprehensive tool to plan your next public transport trip in Paris.

They have undergrounf limit that you choose at the moment of their purchase. It works with a RFID pdc technology which means that you will only have to wave the card in front of a Navigo receiver on a turnstile to validate your entry in the metro station.

You are searching for a sign with the metro line number you want to ride and with the final station name on that line in the direction you want to go. There are two ways you pvf do that. Both apps are fully translated in English. There are two versions of it. I have easily spotted the closest stations on the complete map as you can see on the left, once done I have highlighted the Metro lines that join the two station in paris underground map pdf download.

The right side of the screen sums up your order with total amount due. It is heavy on information but the best map to prepare your Paris visit. Click here to launch it on your computer. They are signed with a purple paris underground map pdf download. Most of these plans have been designed for the local Parisian commuters and involve longer subscription period than your average tourist stay pariw Paris.

Paris metro map PDF in English

Preparing for your trip If you are not familiar with moving around Paris by metro it is advised that you do some trip preparation before you go to the starting station.

You can downnload PDF versions above which you can be downloaded. You can move from one metro line to the next easily paris underground map pdf download having to go back to the surface, since they have points of connection between them. The first thing you see is a welcome screen in French.