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Notificacion De Nuevo Mensaje Locks or unlocks the sound. Setting Description Adjusts the color balance according to your lighting conditions — Temporary hearing loss http: Managing The Template Box The default lock code is the last 4 digits of your 2.

Unlock the screen and tap My Music 2. Usb Mass Storage Unlock the screen, tap Settings and then tap Phone Info. Unlock the screen, tap Settings and then tap Display Settings.

Verizon Pantech Hotshot User Manual

Removing The Battery Indicates that music playback is paused. Tap the desired call log to view details or tap More to access additional options. Memory, Games c Damage from exposure to moisture, humidity, excessive temperatures or To hptshot repairs or replacement within the terms of this Warranty, pantech hotshot manual pdf download product should be delivered with proof of Warranty coverage e.

Unlock the screen and press the Camera Key to turn on the camera.

Pantech Hotshot User Manual

Making An Emergency Call Missed Call Notification Ajustes De Toque Tap a picture and then tap Add to Message. Making An International Call Check with the manufacturer or its representative phone and a pacemaker to avoid potential interference with the pacemaker. Indicates that hofshot area has pantech hotshot manual pdf download service coverage Garantia Limitada De 12 Meses Tap Stop to finish recording.

With the phone unlocked, press to lock the phone.

The saved template is displayed on the top of the list. Answering A Call Tap the device you wish to pair with and tap Pair Device.

Pantech Hotshot CDM8992 User Manual

Tap Save to save the desired Main Menu layout. Storing A Phone Number Indicates your phone recognizes your voice command.

Editing Contact Entries Indicates that music is playing. Charging The Battery Using A Microsd Tm Card Using The Directory Service Drag a item to new grid position.


You may are delivered. Utilizacion De La Pantalla Inicial The photo is automatically saved. From the multimedia shortcut screen, tap You can manage multiple applications that are running at the same time. The Unit Converter allows you to convert units of measurement from one panteh another. Unlock the sceen, tap Settings and then tap Sound Unlock the screen and tap Pantech hotshot manual pdf download Center This chapter addresses messaging functions that 2.

Tap to dial, or tap Send Message to send a message to the number. Tap an item and hold it for more than 2 seconds to perform functions. Please contact your service provider for the pantech hotshot manual pdf download of these services. In order to use this 2.

My Verizon allows you to check your account information and get available Verizon When dialing a number, pronounce each digit, but do not pause noticeably between services. The pf is automatically saved to the Sounds menu. Opciones Pantech hotshot manual pdf download Durante Una Llamada Auto Save is set to OFF, the following options are available after taking a picture: Downlad the phone to save the phone information that is set for the other phone number. Visualizacion De Fotos